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Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by! 

I'm Faye, a very regular, 20-something year old, who enjoys making a ton of mess in the kitchen! 

I first fell in love with with cooking and baking when I got my own place in Barcelona at the age of 21 whilst working abroad. Up until that point I hadn't really ever experimented properly in the kitchen and instead had always settled for ready meals or eating out which was just..easier. I suppose it was an age thing but probably also because I'd never had my own space to make as much mess as I wanted without the interference of my boyfriend or mother!

I remember making my first properly-decorated cake during that time abroad and from that moment on I was hooked; I went straight out on my next day off to buy as much kitchen equipment as my pitiful intern wages would allow, and began my baking and cooking journey. There was just something so fulfilling about making something from scratch that actually tasted great! 


Since that time, a lot has changed. I am now the Deputy Manager of a successful Event Venue in Surrey which leaves me very little personal time to get my groove on in kitchen! But it's not all bad news; I've picked up a ton of tips and inspiration from the highly trained chefs in our in-house catering team and am constantly tasting fantastic dishes so I count myself very lucky!

I also decided to give up meat about 3 years ago and am now a fully-devout pescatarian (I couldn't relinquish my love of seafood I'm afraid) which has sort of limited my ingredient lists. HOWEVER, if anything, I would say this has actually made me even more adventurous; I LOVE the challenge of creating tasty food that doesn't require meat and experimenting with new dishes and exploring different ideas. 

I now live in a small town in Surrey, UK, with my fiance (incidentally a true carnivore) who has to tolerate the role of guinea pig in our house, testing all of my baking creations and some of my meals (he needs more persuading on the pure-veggie front). Thankfully, he is also a real foodie and whenever we find time together, we love to go out and eat amazing food at different restaurants, which always fuels my inspiration! 

So this blog really just follows my food journey, my baking creations, some of my favourite meals, my experiences when we find somewhere great to eat... it's nothing special, but I find it gives me my own headspace to write about and share the experience with someone, and hey - if one of my posts inspire you too then that's wonderful :).  I'm not a food photographer so I do apologise for that in advance; it's not going to be that type of blog, but I promise to do my best! 

Anyhow - enjoy the posts and have a wonderful day :)


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